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Innovation Artists:
Slim Perkins
- The Tremors

Tremors Website : www.tremorsrockabilly.com
Tremors Facebook: www.facebook.com/the.tremors/
Mitchell Brown
- The Grande Ole Prey
- Joey and Rory
"I am such a huge fan of the Innovation Rock-a-Billy black 
nylon wound strings.  The medium tension allows me to keep 
that  precious bottom end I love so much on my upright basses
 while having enough  tension to maintain speed on those fast 
grooves and even add a little slap from  time to time. 
 The Ultra Black set is exceptional for more sustain and growl 
when playing jazz and blues and the higher tension allows even 
more speed  for walking bass lines and solos."
Website: www.joeyandrory.com

Website: www.myspace.com/nashvillebassplayer

Robbie Helton
- The Grassabillies

Website: www.myspace.com/robbiehelton/photos
The Steel Drivers
Mike Fleming
- The Steel Drivers
"I recently changed from steel bass strings to an Ultra Black Set 
of Innovation Bass Strings. These strings are just wonderful. Besides being much easier on my fingers, my old Kay has a much warmer and rounder tone. My bandmates noticed it immediately. And recently two separate Nashville recording engineers have commented about the enhanced sound quality of my bass. Thanks Jerry and Innovation."

Website: www.steeldrivers.net

Victor Dowdy
- The Bluegrass Brothers

Website: www.thebluegrassbrothers.com/about.html
Geoff FireBaugh
- HillBilly Casino

Website: www.thehillbillycasino.com/home.html
Robert Jukic
- European Movement Jazz Orchestra
- Operation Charlie

Website: www.robertjukic.com

"I like to be able to dig into the bass, pull hard if i need to
and have all the subtle nuances of the instrument if i so choose.
These strings cover the whole range of my musical spectrum, 
playing straight ahead, traditional or modern jazz, world or 
folk music. They are the closest to real gut strings in sound
 and feel without the problems of gut."

Photo: Petra Cvelbar
Event: Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2011
Giuseppe Bassi
Giuseppe Bassi
"I use the Innovation super silver set, on all my upright basses 
(one in New York City, one in Roma, one in Taipei city, and three in Bari)! 
These strings give a warm and powerful sound, with a soft  elastic feel, 
allowing the instrument a higher vibration. They play well on any type 
of bass - full size, ¾, & ½. Finally, real strings for jazz!"
Paula Gardiner
"Thanks for creating such great strings which have proved to be as 
flexible as I need to be in many genres of playing; Hip Hop thru'
 Jazz to contemporary chamber ensembles."
Phil Donkin
Website: www.myspace.com/phildonkin
Mark Robertson
- The Legendary Shackshakers

Website: www.theshackshakers.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/legendaryshackshakers
Alison Rayner
Pete Townsend
Zack Lober
Sam Burgess
- Ronnie Scotts
Geoff Gascoyne
- The Jamie Callum Band